Luminus can provide additional support to people who are vulnerable or assist you in any way we can to ensure you stay independent.

We can provide additional support to help you manage your tenancy and stay independent.

We provide:

  • Embrace – Embrace is a free support service that is designed to help older peope in Huntingdonshire to remain living independently. Call 0345 266 9760 to find out more
  • Working in partnership with Integrated Offender Management and Drug, Alcohol Services  and Probation we offer support and housing for those ready to make the next steps to change their lifestyle
  • advice on your housing and other welfare benefits – start by talking to anyone in the Neighbourhood Services Team (please call 0345 266 9760 for more information)
  • support around domestic violence – phone our Anti-Social Behaviour Team on 0345 266 9760 for advice in the strictest confidence
  • information about local services and projects – speak to your Neighbourhood Warden or Neighbourhood Officer to find out more (please call 0345 266 9760 for more information).

Elsewhere on this website, there is information about where to get support:

  • Lifeline alarm system

    Lifeline is a community alarm system which enables you to call for help or reassurance if you feel unwell or have an accident whilst alone in you home.
  • Substance misuse

    Please review this section for more information on dealing with problems relating to substance misuse.
  • Mental health & wellbeing

    To successfully manage your tenancy we recognise that good mental health and well-being are vital. We work with other agencies to help support our residents that need that little bit of extra help.
  • Support around domestic violence

    We have an experienced Anti-Social Behaviour Officer who is trained to offer support if you are suffering from physical, psychological, sexual or emotional abuse.
  • Support for family members

    If someone in your family has additional support needs, there are organisations that can help.
  • Support for parents

    Parenting requires all kinds of skills, please see the section for more information and support.
  • Support for teenage mothers

    There are support services to provide specialist help for young parents.