Many of our residents are affected by the welfare reform changes. Employees have been briefed, so they can give you good advice on the changes and your options. Please see our Income & Benefits section or follow the links at the bottom of this page for more information.

You can find out more about the changes on the Citizens Advice website (, where you will find detailed information about:


  • Council Tax Benefit changes – a new system where your Council sets its own rules and you are likely to pay more of your Council Tax than before
  • The Benefit Cap, which limits how much benefit you can claim and may reduce your Housing Benefit (or Universal Credit) to make up the difference
  • Changes to the Social Fund – parts of this have been abolished
  • Child Benefit changes – high earners are no longer entitled to this
  • Universal Credit, which  will replace all the main means-tested benefits for people of working age, and
  • Personal Independence Payments have replaced Disability Living Allowance
  • The Citizens Advice website also explains about cuts to your Housing Benefit if you are under-occupying your home under the new rules (the ‘bedroom tax’).

For more infomation about Welfare Reform and tips on how to manage your money, please download our Welfare Reform booklet or email us at

  • What is Welfare Reform?

    Welfare Reform is a major Government initiative - read to find out more, and learn how you can act now to take control your future.
  • Under Occupation & Council Tax

    The Government now takes into account how many people live in the property to calculate your benefits.
  • Council Tax changes

    Examples of Council Tax Benefit changes.
  • The Benefit Cap

    Limits to the total amount of benefit people aged 16 to 64 can receive.
  • Managing your debts

    If you have debts and are struggling to make your repayments, the worst thing you can do is just to ignore it. Take action now!
  • Rent payment methods

    Various ways to your rent.
  • Need advice about benefits?

    The Government is making lots of changes to the benefit system. By asking for benefit advice you can be better prepared for these changes.
  • Applying for Universal Credit

    If you are a single person applying for benefits for the first time, you will now be placed onto Universal Credit. You need to apply for Universal Credit online.