Mission, Values and Goals

We are a Housing Association in eastern England, focused on providing homes, employment and property services and building sustainable communities.


Luminus aims to be an excellent provider of homes, a community anchor and an inspirational employer.

We will deliver the Mission through:

  • Excellent tenancy and property management
  • Reducing worklessness
  • Promoting positive behaviour
  • Encouraging health and wellbeing.


To achieve our Mission, we will uphold the following values:

  • A commitment to excellence, effectiveness, efficiency and equality of opportunity as a service provider and employer
  • Respect and encouragement for the contribution of all, with recognition of the value of employees as the organisation’s greatest asset
  • Openness to learning and challenging ourselves to achieve continuous improvement in what we do and the way we do it
  • A nurturing of the highest standards of courtesy, honesty, transparency and motivation
  • An emphasis on accountability and responsibility, dealing constructively with mistakes.


To achieve our Mission and maintain our Values, we will pursue the following Goals:

  • Provide energy efficient and good quality homes
  • Improve the health, safety and wellbeing of communities and to meet diverse needs, and the needs of vulnerable and socially excluded people
  • Apply effective leadership and management principles throughout the organisation
  • Develop successful partnerships.

Our three Business Plan themes:

  • Be a significant, sustainable social and commercial business
  • Enable every employee to fulfil their potential
  • Give our customers outstanding services.