If you are a Luminus resident, you may be at risk of one of these scams. Please make yourself aware and follow the advice given.

Fake letter re. incorrect disposal of waste

We have been notified of resident receiving a letter claiming to be from Luminus regarding a charge for improper disposal of refuse and recyling waste. This was not from us. If you receive a similar letter, or are in doubt, please call us on 0345 266 9760.


Fake gas inspection

We have been notified that a tenant was called by someone claiming they were from Luminus and tried to make an appointment for a gas inspection. However, this was not us. If you get a call and you are unsure if it is us, do not give any personal details. Ask for the name of the caller, end the call, then phone us on 0345 266 9760 to check if it is genuine.

Please also remember that Luminus employees who come to your home will always show their ID. Ensure you check their ID and report any concerns on 0345 266 9760.


Boiler scam

A tenant received a call to advise that she qualified to have a new boiler under a Government Scheme but needed to pay a deposit of between £300 to £500.  The caller requested the tenant’s bank details advising that she could reclaim the money through this Government Scheme. Fortunately on this occasion the tenant did not give her bank details.

Remember: Luminus tenants would never been asked to pay any money towards their normal repairs.

NEVER give out personal or financial details over the phone - remember, banks or genuine organisations never cold call and ask for your bank details.