Welcome to summer! We have put together some information, links and helpful advice relevant to the summer season, all in one place for your convenience:

  • Make sure you stay safe and healthy this season, particularly in very hot weather. See the NHS website’s page on Summer Health.
  • If have a garden, please check out our gardening page.
  • If you are going away on holiday, protect your home from intruders by making it look like someone is in, e.g. by using timers on lamps, asking someone you know and trust to pop in, and avoiding leaving bins out. See more tips on our Keeping your home safe page.
  • Check out our Events page to see what is happening in your area. For older and/or vulnerable people, we have our ‘Out and About’ programme of activities.
  • Make the most of the warm weather and air out your home to help prevent mould and condensation. For more information see our reducing condensation page.
  • See our page on pests or rodents if you are a Luminus tenant and have an issue with them in your home.
  • Check out food that is currently in season on the BBC website.