Here you will find a range of Luminus publications that are available to download.

We can provide our publications in different languages and formats, such as large print and mp3, CD or audio cassette.  When you request information in another language and/or format, we can do this within 5-15 working days.

Please note that we have a new edition of our Guide for Tenants document.

Please call 01480 428707 for more information
  • Annual Reports

    Residents Involvement Strategy 2019 .pdf 8.3M
    Luminus Annual Report 2017-18 Web .pdf 1.3M
  • Domestic Abuse Policy

    Domestic Abuse Policy .pdf 1.4M
  • Misc.

    Luminus Guide for Tenants .pdf 1.5M
    Residents Involvement Strategy 2019 .pdf 8.3M
    Your Guide to Preventing Legionella .pdf 472.9k
    Value for Money Self-Assessment 2017 .pdf 410.5k
  • Luminus News

    • Luminus News 2018

      Luminus News December 2018 .pdf 4.7M
      Luminus News September 2018 .pdf 2.0M
      Luminus News June 2018 .pdf 1.1M
      Luminus News February 2018 .pdf 3.8M
  • Rent Payment Forms

    Rent Payment Calendar 2018-2020 - 53 WEEKS .pdf 521.1k
    Standing Order Form .pdf 58.5k
    Direct Debit Form .pdf 625.8k
  • Service Standards

    Residents Involvement Strategy 2019 .pdf 8.3M
    Making a Complaint .pdf 1.0M
    Garage Service Standards .pdf 228.9k
    Tenancy and Neighbourhood Management .pdf 658.0k
    Services for Elderly and Vulnerable .pdf 802.9k
    Luminus Managing Empty Homes .pdf 439.5k
    Luminus Carrying Out Repairs .pdf 448.0k
    Letting Homes .pdf 452.7k
    Getting Involved .pdf 538.9k
    Equality and Diversity Service Standards .pdf 603.0k
    Dealing with ASB .pdf 1.6M
    Customer Service .pdf 595.1k
    Collecting Rents .pdf 496.7k
  • Sheltered Housing

    Sheltered Accomodation Locations .pdf 207.7k
    Park View Brochure .pdf 3.4M
  • Street Representatives

    Street Representatives Community Project Proposal Form .pdf 80.0k
    Street Representatives Enquiry Report Form .pdf 80.1k
  • Tenant Guides

    Residents Involvement Strategy 2019 .pdf 8.3M
    Luminus Guide for Tenants .pdf 1.5M
    A Guide to Reducing Condensation .pdf 2.9M
  • Welfare Reform

    Welfare Reform .pdf 626.3k