Here's how to get the most out of autumn:

  • While the weather is still warm and before it gets too cold, it’s a great opportunity to do the following:
    • Ventilate your home to get some fresh air circulating, and hang your washing outside to dry in sunny or warm weather, which will help prevent condensation in your home.
    • Get out in the fresh air for exercise or activities. For over 55s, please see our Out & About page.
    • Keep your garden tidy.
    • If you are planning on doing any painting and decorating this year, do it while it is warm enough to ventilate your home from paint fumes, without making your house too cold. Before undertaking any home renovations or decorating, please read the important information: ‘Your Home Your Responsibility’ (PDF file).
  • Be aware of falling leaves blocking your gutter. If your gutter is blocked please call our Service Centre on 0345 850 9994.
  • As it’s a new season, why not consider taking up a new activity or getting involved in your community? See our Get Involved and Groups & Charities pages for current activities and opportunities.
  • Make the most of food that is in season, especially produce that is grown in this country. See the BBC website’s page on seasonal food for more information and recipe ideas using seasonal produce.
  • Look after your health to help prevent against things like colds and flu. For more information see the NHS website’s page on winter health.