Welcome to Autumn! To help you make the most out of this season, we’ve put together some information and useful links on relevant topics:

  • Top tips for autumn

    Here are our top tips for getting the most out of the autumn months.
  • Back to school

    It’s that time again: the beginning of a new school year! We have put together some links that are relevant to those with children in school.
  • Starting or returning to work

    This time of year can often be when people are starting new jobs or are thinking of returning to work. If this applies to you, we have put together a number of useful links in one place.
  • Moving into a new home

    If you have recently moved into a new home owned by Luminus, you will find these resources helpful.
  • Preparing for colder weather

    As the temperature starts to drop, here are some ways to deal with the effects of colder weather.