Put simply, our 2020 Vision is an ambitious and ground-breaking aspiration to “change the world where we are” by mending aspects of “broken Britain”.  

With the provision of high quality housing at our core, we have rallied around a fundamental concept that we can, and should, do more to inspire, persuade and lead our people, our customers, and the agencies we work with, to stand up against the ills of society and strive for a better future for the neighbourhoods and communities we work in.

Our 2020 Vision is by any standard a tough challenge.  To help us make sense of what needs to be achieved and to realise our ambition, we mapped out the journey: we call it The Road to Renewal. Our staff and customers have joined us on this journey.  In particular, we have coalesced around the five strands of activity that sit within it.


The Five Strands of The Road to Renewal:

  • Excellent tenancy and property management
  • Reducing worklessness
  • Tackling anti-social behaviour
  • Encouraging health and wellbeing
  • Promoting families and better conduct