During cold weather, make sure you keep your house warm while keeping energy bills down. For more information see our page Warm Homes, Lower Bills. If you are going away during very cold weather, make sure you leave the heating set to a minimum of five degrees to prevent pipes from freezing while you are away.


For Luminus tenants

  • No heating and hot water emergencies have an attendance priority of 24 hours. We will attend out of hours if the resident is classed as vulnerable.
  • If we can't fix the heating system on the first visit because there is a part required, we will leave temporary heaters (one for the lounge plus one for each bedroom).  Parts can take up to five working days to be fitted.
  • We will reimburse tenants a contribution of the running cost of temporary heaters (we do not contribute any costs for the first 24hrs of the breakdown) and the heaters are given to tenants.
  • Tenants should check in their airing cupboards to see whether they have an immersion tank to use as a back-up for getting hot water if their boiler breaks down (not all homes will).
  • We grit our sheltered accommodation schemes but we are not responsible for gritting any other areas.  Huntingdon District Council is responsible for gritting roads and some paths. You can view gritting routes on Cambridgeshire County Council's website. Tenants can purchase their own salt at most hardware stores.
  • Please read our Guide to Reducing Condensation leaflet for information about how to help prevent condensation in your home.